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    2011-12-07Tubular Elastic Bandages
    Tubular Elastic Bandages
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    2011-12-07Tubular Elastic Bandages
    Tubular elastic bandage is designed to give ideal pressure and support over the area it applied to. It provides tissue support in the treatment of strains and sprains with complete freedom of movement
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    2011-12-07Gauze bandage type 3
    This bandage is made of 100% cotton. It is also named cutting gauze bandage with 17Threads or 20Threads, which is highly absorbent. It is individual package with medical paper.
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    2011-12-07Gauze bandage type 2
    Gauze bandage type 2
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    2011-12-07Gauze Bandages
    Gauze bandages are made of 100% cotton, also named Ribbon bandages which are very friendly to skin. It is highly absorbent and for disposable use. With or without X-ray; Sterile or non-sterile
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