Attention Please: The “Radio is dead” meeting has been cancelled!

After a long Conga line of opinionated and less than researched “press” on the supposed decline of our industry, the actual facts once again prove that this dynamic and ubiquitous monster we call Radio just keeps growing!

The Miller Kaplan Arase X-Ray report for June 2013 is filled with good news for Southern California Radio. While overall revenue growth is very encouraging, there is a robust trend line and highlights that demand our collective attention…and applause.

From a YTD comparison, the reporting LA area radio stations posted a solid, overall 2.6% increase. That’s a good growth rate in and of itself, but when you compare it to the same period of 2011 vs. 2012 YTD, when the growth rate was a minus 2.0%, the net 2.6% increase is…impressive.

This story, however, goes much deeper…  Continue reading

“Never confuse me with the facts”

-Groucho Marx

The great comedian was a master of deception and this famous line helped Groucho ignore the facts of any plot situation and plow ahead with his manic comedic schemes, which always resulted in more hilarious mayhem and a laughing and very entertained movie going public.

Let’s fast forward to 2013 as we sometimes face Groucho-like attitudes towards our business and the great medium of Radio, even today.

We have all encountered Groucho in the press and on blogs, which in turn is read by our clients, which in turn is read by us, and so the cycle goes. Before we can say “urban myth”, it becomes “fact” in our collective minds.

If we took the time to answer every blog post, media critic, and self-proclaimed “media expert”, with their wildly opinionated positions of Radio’s decline (facts are never cited) or that audience is eroding, (facts are never cited) or a personal agenda they are promoting (facts are never cited) we would spend our day just defending our industry and nothing else would happen.

We prefer a different approach to all the Grouchos out there that claim Radio is a legacy media and not the powerhouse it once was. Please allow us to indeed, confuse our critics with the facts. (Miller-Kaplan: January-May 2013)  Continue reading