Much Ado about Nothing

Pandora’s continued press barrage about growing revenue, ending caps on listening hours, and their “brilliant” idea of being more like Radio by adding commercial pods was supposed to impress investors and Wall Street. The effect was devastatingly the opposite.

Pandora’s stock plummeted 13% for the week ending August 24 on all this “good news” as investors’ fears about Pandora’s future continued to grow. And in its most deliberate statement about a stock in recent memory, The Motley Fool Investors Newsletter urged its readers to AVOID Pandora stock and sell its shares if owned…”NOW”! (Their word, not ours)

If Wall Street is not impressed with Pandora’s “growth” and so much of its future depends on investor money to survive, is the grim reaper of bankruptcy far behind?  Continue reading

Are you stuck?

If you’re not in Radio Sales now, maybe you should be.

If you know you can do better than what you are doing now, and sincerely want to build a successful future for yourself and have more control over your income, please read on.

Southern California Radio is looking for creative, assertive individuals who thrive in a fast-paced and challenging environment. The ability to sell an intangible and sometimes misunderstood product requires a special skill set that is in high demand and very valued by sales managers.

“They won’t talk to me if I don’t have Radio sales experience, right?”


The most successful professional sales executives in our business all started out somewhere without experience, and then, with the right sales training and management guidance, went on to satisfying and lucrative sales careers in Radio.   Continue reading