An Important Invitation for Southern California Advertisers

As we all begin a new year, it makes perfect business sense to evaluate your company’s marketing and media strategies and their written objectives. Critical questions must be answered in a quantifiable manner as your organization moves forward;

  • Is our advertising growing our brand awareness and market share?
  • Is our media strategy cost efficient?
  • Are we falling behind our competitors?
  • What are our creative costs?
  • Are we reaching our core customers as well as new customers?
  • Have we met our 2013 objectives?

Can we agree that everyone in your organization has a different opinion about advertising…finance thinks there is too much, sales thinks there is not enough, marketing wants more colorful brochures, creative services wants more production budget…and on it goes. 

In the end, the marketing buck stops at your desk or desks. It is you and your team who must approve the advertising and marketing direction for your organization. This is certainly not a task to be taken on lightly in this highly competitive business environment.

Is there anything more important to your company than bringing customers into your locations or getting the phones to ring, or taking market share from the competition, or simply increasing your sales? Of course there isn’t.

With so many media choices standing in line to tell you how great and effective they will be for your business, may I ask that you consider the following comparison and use this as an easy tool to really evaluate what media will work best for you in 2014. I do so not to confuse the issue of selection, but to clarify it in the simplest of terms, using a direct comparison with a reasonable question…

Can any other Media do this?

  • Radio reaches 93% of the entire population of Southern California for Persons 12+.
  • Radio offers “exact targeting” to your customers with no waste of your media dollars.
  • Radio indexes highest in all age groups among intended buyers of most products and services.
  • Radio provides “talent endorsements”, allowing your brand access to a trusted audience resource.
  • Radio comes to your locations with LIVE broadcasts and special marketing events.
  • Radio provides the most immediate shopping consideration within 30 minutes of a commercial airing.
  • Radio provides a commercial environment that is trusted by its listeners more than any other media today.
  • Radio is the primary source for commuters driving in this country’s worst traffic region every day and night.
  • There is little to no cost for a creative and effective Radio commercial.
  • Radio delivers a targeted digital solution offering geo-targeting and an exclusive social media network of listeners.
    Sources: Nielsen, Scarborough Research, BIA/Kelsey, Member station data.

The clear and direct answer is that no other media or on line platform can provide your company with this enormous checklist of benefits and ultimate results.

Radio’s goal is not just to sell our services, but to become a vital resource of useful information designed to help any sized business come to logical and successful decisions about their advertising strategies. We recommend that you spend just 30-45 minutes with the Southern California Broadcasters Association to gain a better understanding of all your media options. By doing so, your business will benefit from the market and business knowledge we can share with you. This confidential consultation is to help your business grow in new directions and to do so in a logical and cost effective manner.

It has been our experience that open-minded, informed advertisers will always include Radio in their plans, once they see its clear and overwhelming advantages. The use of Radio and its many extended platforms is designed to complement, supplement, and enhance your existing plans.

Our brief 30-45 minute meeting together may help expand your thinking about media, your budgets, and your future growth.  Our no obligation, no cost analysis of your 2014 advertising plans will provide your company with accurate, empirical data designed to help you make effective marketing and brand awareness decisions in 2014 and beyond.

I can be reached at or at 323-930-5597.

You and your team will find our discovery meeting…compelling.


Thom Callahan