SCBA President writes new post about “Media Reallocation Now”


SCBA President writes new post about “Media Reallocation Now”
September 7, 2017

Los Angeles, CA, August 8, 2017 – Southern California Broadcasters Association President Thom Callahan urges the Radio industry to adapt a “Media Reallocation” strategy for both client’s and Radio’s growth. The SCBA post describes Radio’s real strengths and competitive advantages that clients need to review again, especially in today’s disruptive business environment. The latest “Thought Leader” post from the SCBA, which is entitled “Media Reallocation…Now” is at

“Media Reallocation is based on an unshakeable belief (backed by facts) that Radio and its numerous digital platforms can be more efficient and effective than other media and should be earning a larger share of our clients’ precious ad budgets. Not because we are greedy; but because we want our clients to invest their media dollars wisely. By doing so, their success and ours are assured. Real partners in business do that,” said SCBA President Thom Callahan.

Media Reallocation Now