AM Radio will Grow and Change, Just like America

This past Sunday’s New York Times article (9/8/13) entitled “A Quest to Save AM before its Lost in the Static” offers another stilted version of the state of AM Radio that is not supported by the facts of AM Radio listenership today in Southern California, and the rest of the country as well.

AM Radio is NOT dead. Indeed, the facts prove that AM Radio remains a constant companion and close friend to millions of LA Metro area fans of General Market News, News/Talk, Spanish News, Spanish News/Talk, Sports, and the quietly growing, but rarely talked about, Multi-cultural audience. The Asian influence is growing all over the country. In brief, much like a changing America, the audience and ethnic background of AM radio listenership is ever-evolving, and fortunately for AM Radio, perfectly positioned for more growth.

Let’s begin with a few solid facts about AM Radio in the LA Metro area, the largest Radio revenue market in the United States, and home to almost 10 million people in LA County, also, the largest populated county in the U.S.  Continue reading